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#For Clementine


List of things that are Not Okay™

  1. Connor dying in Hank’s arms
  2. Hank dying in Connor’s arms
“ First time posting something on Tumblr x.x
DBH has become my life (send help!!!!)
inspired by  Link
This made me burst out laughing. Thank you!


First time posting something on Tumblr x.x

DBH has become my life (send help!!!!)

inspired by  Link

This made me burst out laughing. Thank you!


hi, my name is connor. i’m the android sent by cyberlife.


Bonus scene after their heartwarming ending :’)






Okay that virus that’s going around, is seriously fucking scary. I got the same thing on my computer about a week ago and I got rid of it, but it took a lot. This type of virus can control your browser, it can control your webcam, it can control all your files, and track you.

If you’ve seen the post already, do not click on the user if someone like this follows you. 


 If you do on accident, you will be taken to an FBI site, which tells you you’ve viewed pornography and stuff. Looks a little like this…


It asks you to pay a fine. ITS NOT REAL. DO NOT PAY IT. You won’t be able to leave the page, or close your browser. Your computer is probably infected now, and you need to remove it.

  1. Click ctrl-alt-delete at the same time and open task manager. Shut down your browser. Uninstall it completely. 
  2. Reset your computer to the last known date when you didn’t have the virus.  
  3. Install and Run malawarebytes. It’s a free service, that get’s rid of all bugs in your computer. The download link is hereMost antivirus softwares can&r squo;t detect things like this, so your best bet is to just download it. Run a full scan to ensure your computer is clean.
  4. Restart your computer, and you should be fine. 
  5. The main thing here is to not panic. I did, and it just makes the situation worse than it really is.  

If you have seen a post about it, you’ll see that icon, and a URL with random letters. Please don’t risk it, you’ll have to work really hard to get it off your computer. Be careful, and DO NOT PANIC. Here is another tutorial on how to get rid of it, 

Any more questions? Feel free to ask me. I got this off tw o of our computers, so it’s possible. BE SAFE

here is a link to a tutorial for how to remove this if you are on a Mac

THIS IS NOT A DRILL. I somehow clicked on one of these things the other day and wowie was I in for a world of hell. Thankfully I got it under control and my I’m a-ok now but you REALLY DONT WANT TO GET THIS SHIT ON YOUR COMPUTER.

Mobile users stay cautious too.

“ Source: [x]
Click HERE for more facts! ”
“I’m signing the last print batch~ Finally!!
Also, order will be close tomorrow~
here is the link incase u missed it===> bodypillow order
and for late payment, please let us know via email~ Thank you!!
Also: video on me when i start...


I’m signing the last print batch~ Finally!!
Also, order will be close tomorrow~
here is the link incase u missed it===> bodypillow order
and for late payment, please let us know via email~ Thank you!! 

Also: video on me when i start signing these piles




Can y'all keep shipping stuff AWAY from Bryan and Amelia’s wedding?? Like, it’s one thing to ship Connor with Hank, but a complete other thing to force said ship on Bryan’s marriage.

Like putting “Escape with Hank” over a picture of Bryan and Amelia exchanging vows… that’s just rude and gross. Keep their marriage out of your ships.

Also, I’ve seen s tuff on other sites that are just pure hate, like scribbling out Amelia and stuff like that. I mean… Not only is your ship never going to sail, it’s probably never going to happen in D:BH. You can ship it all you want, but please understand that forcing a ship is going too far.


I done told y’all not to be doing this